December 28, 2023
Games in Casumo: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Games at This Popular Online Casino

Games in Casumo

Casumo Casino is a reputable virtual gaming platform providing a diverse selection of games to its players. Casumo has an extensive range of casino games that caters to the diverse preferences of their patrons. Their offerings range from traditional options such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat to the latest and widely acclaimed slot games including Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Rainbow Riches. The casino presents itself as a platform that provides an extensive selection of gaming activities to suit all tastes and preferences. This blog post endeavors to provide a comprehensive analysis of the distinct classifications of gaming options offered by Casumo Casino, specifically, slot games, table games, and live casino games. Furthermore, this study endeavors to delineate the preeminent and noteworthy games accessible at Casumo, with a comprehensive examination of the attributes and mechanics of each. This article aims to provide an all-encompassing synopsis of the vast selection of games available at Casumo Casino, catering to both seasoned and inexperienced players.

Review of the best games in Casumo

Casumo Casino serves as a comprehensive and convenient platform for fulfilling all online gambling requirements. The establishment affords a vast array of diversions, comprising customary casino classics such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, alongside well-received slot amusements like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Rainbow Riches. Furthermore, Casumo offers an extensive catalogue of live dealer games that afford players the opportunity to relish in the excitement of an authentic casino encounter while enjoying the convenience of their own domestic setting.

Casumo Casino provides a diverse range of gaming alternatives to its patrons. The casino offers a sports betting segment comprising diverse markets such as soccer, cricket, and several others, facilitating the patrons to place bets on their preferred sports. Casumo provides a diverse gaming experience, catering to those seeking novelty with its offerings of Andar Bahar, a classic Indian card game, and Slingo, a game fusion of slot and bingo.

In summary, Casumo Casino provides an extensive array of gaming options and wagering opportunities that caters to the diverse needs and interests of players. Given the abundance of choices, it is highly probable that one could identify a preferable option at Casumo Casino.

Casumo Casino Game Categories

Casumo Casino is a widely recognized and reputable virtual casino that presents its users with an extensive array of gaming options. The aforementioned games can be classified into four primary categories, namely: slot games, table games, live casino games, and games that do not belong to any of the aforementioned categories.

The category of “Slots” possesses a distinguished position within Casumo, representing a favored choice of the online casino’s patrons. This section presents numerous variations of slots, ranging from the traditional classic version to the advanced video and progressive jackpot slot types. The players are afforded the opportunity to select from a range of well-known games, including Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Rainbow Riches.

The category denoted as Table Games encompasses customary casino games, namely Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. The aforementioned games exhibit an array of diversifications aimed towards accommodating an audience of players possessing varying aptitudes and discerning preferences.

Casumo extends its offering to live dealer games, thereby enabling players to indulge in a palpable casino sensation from the comfort of their abodes. Players have the option to select from a range of live dealer games, encompassing live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

The category denoted as “Other Games” encompasses an assortment of diversions that do not fall within the purview of the aforementioned three categories. This multifarious assemblage includes activities such as sports betting, Slingo, and Andar Bahar. Sports betting encompasses a variety of options, including widespread sports such as soccer, cricket, and various other activities. Slingo represents a distinct amalgamation of conventional bingo and slot machine gameplay. Andar Bahar is a customary card game of Indian origin.

Casumo Casino boasts an extensive assortment of games and further complements its offerings by providing its players with an array of enticing promotional opportunities and bonuses, all of which serve to enhance the overall gaming experience. Given the abundant variety of alternatives available to them, it is highly probable that individuals engaging in gameplay at Casumo Casino would find a selection that caters to their preferences.

Live Casino

The Casumo Live Casino is undergirded by Evolution Gaming and proffers a diverse assortment of customary casino amusements which encompass but are not limited to roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. The aforementioned games exist in diverse iterations, tailored to accommodate the specific preferences and proficiency levels of the players. Casumo provides a variety of novel games, including Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette, for players seeking novel experiences. The present games provide distinguishing gameplay mechanics and distinctive features that contribute to the enhancement of the overall live casino experience by ameliorating the sense of exhilaration that it instills within its participants.

Moreover, Casumo provides an exceedingly engaging gaming encounter by means of its virtual reality casino. The VR Casino provides a gamut of conventional casino games that include renowned variants such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, and all this is made available within a virtual reality backdrop. This connotes that players can experience a sense of verisimilitude akin to a physical casino setting from the comfort of their own abode. The virtual reality casino is presently accessible on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, serving as a platform that affords players with unprecedented possibilities for immersive gameplay.

Casumo’s live casino presents an all-encompassing entertainment experience inclusive of an augmented VR casino option, catering to the diverse preferences of its clientele.

Board games

Casumo Casino provides a diverse array of conventional games, including an extensive compilation of slot machines and customary table games, such as Monopoly and Cluedo. These gaming activities provide a contrasting tempo and interlude from the rapid tempo of slot machines or in-person casino games. They provide an engaging and playful activity as a diversion and serve as an ideal source of respite during moments requiring relaxation and a break from routine gameplay.

The aforementioned traditional board games can be procured in diverse iterations and releases which cater to players of varying predilections and adeptness. The games in question have the versatility of being enjoyed individually or in the company of friends and family, rendering them optimal for individuals seeking a stimulating and interactive gaming encounter.

Casumo offers an assortment of games beyond traditional table games, including Slingo and Andar Bahar. These unique games blend elements of slot machines and bingo or card games, respectively, with an exhilarating and distinctive gameplay experience. Amidst a vast array of gaming alternatives, it is highly likely that players shall discover a favorable preference at Casumo Casino.

Casumo Casino provides patrons with a range of conventional casino games and slots, as well as an array of classic table games, that are ideally suited for occasions where one may desire a respite from the slots or live casino experience, while indulging in a leisurely and stimulating pastime.


Casumo Casino provides a diverse range of jackpot games, encompassing prominent titles such as Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, along with several others. These gaming activities provide an avenue to potentially secure substantial monetary rewards, occasionally amounting up to multimillion-dollar sums. The allure of these games rests in the potentiality of obtaining a life-changing sum of money in a single rotation. These games would be an ideal choice for individuals seeking to enhance their gaming experience with an added sense of exhilaration and stimulation.

The games of chance with significant prize pools offered by Casumo incorporate both progressive and non-progressive jackpot structures. The phenomenon of progressive jackpots is characterized by an incremental increase in value with every spin until a fortuitous player claims the jackpot. In contrast, non-progressive jackpots are characterized by a fixed and unalterable amount.

Apart from large monetary rewards, these games provide stimulating gameplay and attributes, including supplementary rounds and costless spins. Players can expect a superior level of visual experience through the utilization of high-quality graphics and animations, ultimately heightening gameplay immersion.

In general, the Casumo Casino provides a diverse range of jackpot games, comprised of noteworthy titles such as Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, and Hall of Gods. These games present the prospect of attainment of substantial monetary rewards, coupled with exhilarating gameplay experience owing to the inclusion of bonus rounds and superior graphical presentation.


Casumo Casino provides a diverse range of Slingo games, a widely recognized amalgamation of bingo and slots that has garnered substantial recognition in the United Kingdom. Slingo games provide a distinct and stimulating gaming encounter that merges the entertainment of slot machines with the tactic and amusement of bingo.

Casumo provides a plethora of slingo games, including the likes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire Slingo, Deal or No Deal Slingo, and Slingo Rainbow Riches. This set of games is founded on prevalent television programs and slot games, presenting players with a stimulating and recognizable gaming encounter.

Slingo games present numerous features and bonuses that augment the thrill of the gaming encounter. These features comprise supplementary rotations, jokers, and immediate monetary rewards. Furthermore, Slingo games possess a high degree of accessibility due to their simplified mechanics and rules, rendering them highly suitable for individuals with varying levels of proficiency in gameplay.

Furthermore, apart from the conventional Slingo games, Casumo Casino presents an assortment of authentic, exclusive, and unparalleled options that can solely be accessed on the platform of Casumo.

In its entirety, Casumo Casino provides a diverse range of slingo games, which is a widely favored amalgamation of bingo and slots, notably in the United Kingdom. This suite of gaming applications proffers an unparalleled and stirring gameplay encounter, augmented by a plethora of characteristics and incentives that are uncomplicated to navigate and grasp, making them ideally suited for individuals with diverse levels of proficiency. Furthermore, Casumo provides a selection of exclusive and distinct Slingo Originals games.

Sports betting at Casumo

Casumo Casino provides a diverse collection of sports betting options, catering to the preferences and requirements of sports enthusiasts and gamblers across all domains. Multiple sporting activities are available for placing wagers, encompassing soccer, cricket, basketball, baseball, American football, hockey, tennis, and other similar genres. The sports betting department periodically provides frequent updates on the latest markets and odds, thereby enabling players to avail themselves of the most contemporary and accurate data.

Furthermore, Casumo provides an exceptional opportunity for players to engage in real-time betting alongside traditional sports betting, thus enabling them to place wagers on ongoing sporting events. This function offers an added degree of exhilaration and involvement, as gamers are able to make wagers and prognoses on the eventual outcome of a particular game as it unfolds.

Casumo provides an alternative option for individuals seeking a unique experience, as the platform additionally presents virtual sports wagering opportunities. An efficacious modality of indulging in sports betting sans the need to await an actual event. Virtual sports, including soccer, horse racing, and greyhound racing, provide an exhilarating and captivating interactive entertainment experience.

Casumo Casino presents a diverse selection of sports betting markets encompassing both conventional sporting events, dynamic or real-time wagering options, and virtual sports. Casumo offers a diverse selection of markets catering to a range of interests, including but not limited to soccer, cricket, and virtual horse racing. Casumo’s sport betting section is optimal for enthusiasts and wagering individuals due to its regular updates and competitive odds.

The best games in Casumo

Casumo Casino presents an extensive array of games leading players to require assistance in selecting a suitable starting point. The abundance of choices available necessitates a considerable investment of time in order to navigate through the various categories and games. Rest assured that we will provide you with the necessary support and assistance. A selection of exemplary games that Casumo offers to provide a starting point are as follows:

The Starburst slot machine is renowned for its visually engaging graphics and captivating gameplay, thus having garnered significant popularity among players. Starburst offers an entertaining and riveting slot game experience for players seeking dynamic gameplay, featuring an array of expanding wilds and re-spin bonuses.

The Gonzo’s Quest slot offers an immersive gameplay experience, in which players embark on a thrilling expedition with the Spanish conquistador, Gonzo. The game incorporates cascading reels and a distinct free-fall mechanism, rendering it an exceptional slot game alternative that appeals to avid players seeking an exhilarating and distinctive gaming experience.

Casumo Live Casino presents an extensive selection of live dealer games, among which live roulette stands out as one of the most attractive alternatives. This game affords players an opportunity to replicate the excitement of a bona fide casino from the comfort of their own abodes.

The Slingo Rainbow Riches game is a distinctive amalgamation of the elements of both bingo and slot game formats, drawing inspiration from the pre-existing Rainbow Riches game. This particular gaming experience provides an engaging and enthralling game design, replete with a diverse range of gameplay features and accompanying incentivization.

Casumo provides an extensive range of sports betting markets, amongst which soccer betting enjoys significant popularity. This platform presents itself as an optimal choice for sports enthusiasts and gambling individuals, due to its consistent content updates and favorable betting rates.

The aforementioned games constitute a small sample of the diverse range of high-quality gaming experiences presented by Casumo. Given the plethora of options available, players are expected to discover an offering that resonates with their preferences at Casumo Casino.

Casumo Cricket Betting

The Casumo Casino presents an extensive array of cricket wagering markets, with a focus on the preferences of cricket enthusiasts and gamblers with varying interests. Within the realm of cricket, there exists a diverse range of formats that players have the ability to place wagers on, including but not limited to Test matches, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20s. The segment dedicated to cricket gambling routinely presents newly-revised markets and odds, thereby providing gamblers with immediate access to the most current and accurate information.

Casumo presents a diverse array of gambling markets, apart from the conventional cricket betting options. These markets encompass betting on the highest scorer, the top-performing player of the match, the most exceptional wicket-keeper, the cumulative number of wins during the match, and various other alternative markets. This feature enhances the range of choices available to players and enables them to make more judicious selections whilst wagering.

Casumo additionally provides an option for individuals seeking novel experiences, by offering simulated cricket wagering opportunities. One effective method to place wagers on cricket matches without experiencing delays in the waiting process. Virtual cricket betting markets encompass a variety of wagers, ranging from the top scorer and the best player of the match to the best wicket-keeper and the overall number of runs in the game, akin to conventional counterparts. This particular attribute presents an engaging and stimulating gaming encounter, complemented by the advantageous capacity to place wagers at any juncture.

In sum, Casumo Casino provides a diverse array of cricket wagering options, encompassing conventional cricket, simulated cricket, and an array of distinct markets to engage in betting activities. Casumo offers diverse markets for those expressing interest in various forms of cricket, from Test Matches to Twenty20 and Virtual Cricket.

Andar Bahar & Andar Bahar Live

Andar Bahar, a game of cards that originated from India and is popularly referred to as Cutty, has remained a source of entertainment for numerous generations. The Casumo Casino provides its patrons with a choice between the conventional and live dealer variants of the game, affording them the opportunity to partake in an authentic and stimulating gaming atmosphere.

The Andar Bahar live dealer variation entails an actual dealer and tangible cards, thereby providing players with an opportunity to perceive the game’s genuineness. Players have the opportunity to engage with both the dealer and fellow players in real-time, thereby enhancing their level of immersion and imbuing a heightened sense of excitement within the gameplay.

Casumo provides both a live dealer rendition, and another standard iteration of the popular Indian card game Andar Bahar. This particular variant is recommended for those players seeking to develop their familiarity with the game and enhance their competence.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the esteemed Andar Bahar Live game is conveniently accessible via the mobile application of Casumo. Thus, it provides the opportunity to engage in gameplay activities from any location.

Casumo Casino provides a conventional as well as a live dealer rendition of Andar Bahar, a customary card game hailing from India. The live dealer iteration of the game offers an experiential authenticity for players, whereas the conventional version serves as a suitable platform for players seeking to acquire and hone their aptitude. The aforesaid feature is obtainable through mobile devices, facilitating unrestricted gameplay from any location.

Teen Patti Live & Bet on Teen Patti Live

Teen Patti is a conventional Indian card game, commonly known as flash or flush, which is highly favored by numerous players. Casumo Casino provides players with two distinct game versions, comprising the traditional iteration alongside the live dealer variant. This affords the opportunity for individuals to partake in authentic gameplay within a stimulating environment, thus augmenting their gaming experience.

The live version of Teen Patti entails the involvement of a flesh-and-blood dealer as well as tangible playing cards, thereby affording players the opportunity to partake in an immersive and genuine gameplay encounter. The gameplay experience is further enriched as participants engage with not only the dealer but also fellow players in real-time. This interactive feature fosters heightened levels of engagement and excitement amongst players. The live dealer iteration provides a diverse assortment of variations, notably including low, high, and joker, among others, that cater to the distinct preferences and levels of proficiency exhibited among players.

Casumo provides a conventional variant of Teen Patti, in tandem with its live dealer iteration, which suits players seeking to acquire knowledge of the game and refine their aptitude.

One advantageous feature of Teen Patti Live is its availability on Casumo’s mobile application, allowing individuals to engage in gameplay regardless of their physical location.

Casumo Casino provides a standard as well as a live dealer rendition of Teen Patti, which is an iconically traditional card game originating from India. The live dealer iteration imbues players with a genuine sensation of the gameplay, whereas the standard version caters to those who aspire to acquire and enhance their acumen. Moreover, this game can be accessed through portable electronic devices, granting the opportunity to engage in gameplay irrespective of location. The live version of the game offers diverse adaptations that cater to a broad spectrum of preferences and varying proficiency levels, thereby resulting in an augmented advantage.

Indian Ruby

Indian Ruby is a distinctly unique and singular game that is exclusively available for play solely on the platform of the esteemed Casumo Casino. The present slot game draws inspiration from the beloved Bollywood film, Ruby, and presents enthusiasts of online gaming with a captivating and immersive gameplay encounter. The present narrative is set within a magnificent Indian environment, replete with culturally evocative signifiers such as central protagonists, indigenous musical instruments, and customary ornamental elements associated with India.

The game presents a plethora of rewards and enhancements, inclusive of gratis rotations, symbolic depictions of untamed probability, and scalar amplifiers. As such, it invigorates and incites excitement within those who engage in gameplay. The aforementioned game presents a progressive jackpot feature that can be secured upon the occurrence of a specific combination of symbols.

For individuals who possess a proclivity for Bollywood films, or are seeking a novel and distinctive experience, Casumo’s Indian Ruby game is recommended. This game is solely available on Casumo platform and presents gripping and captivating gameplay, which has been appositely inspired by one of the prevalent Bollywood movies.

The game is furthermore accessible through Casumo’s mobile software, facilitating anytime, anywhere engagement. The mobile version of the game permits seamless transportation and enables mobile device compatibility, granting users the ability to indulge in gameplay on a cell phone or tablet device while on the move.

In general, Indian Ruby represents a unique game exclusively accessible at Casumo Casino. This interactive entertainment product draws inspiration from the widely celebrated Indian Hindi-language film “Ruby”. It boasts remarkable visual representations and animation designs, as well as a plethora of value-added components and functionalities. The aforementioned game can be accessed through Casumo’s mobile software, granting players the convenience of flexibly engaging in gameplay at any given time and location.

White Rabbit Slot

The game entitled “White Rabbit” is a proprietary offering that is distinctly available solely at the Casumo Casino. The present slot machine game is fundamentally rooted in the widely renowned tale of “Alice in Wonderland” and offers avid players a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience. The aforementioned game showcases exceptional graphics and animations, set within the enchanting confines of Wonderland. The symbols within the game exhibit inspiration from the narrative, highlighting the prominence of the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts.

The game presents a plethora of favorable additions and attributes, including gratuitous spins, aberrant symbols, and amplifiers, thereby establishing a captivating and thrilling experience for gamers. The game additionally presents a progressive jackpot that can be secured in the event that a particular configuration of symbols emerges.

The White Rabbit game, available exclusively through Casumo, presents an enthralling gameplay experience that draws inspiration from the beloved classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. Fans of the aforementioned story or those seeking a unique gaming experience may find the offering intriguing.

The interactive medium under consideration provides captivating and intriguing gameplay, accompanied by visually striking graphics and animations which successfully transport the players to a fantastical realm of Wonderland. The narrative of the game serves as a source of inspiration for its various symbols and power-ups, imbuing it with an element of novelty and thrill that is sure to captivate players.

The White Rabbit game is exclusively available solely at Casumo Casino, rendering it a unique gaming option. The subject of this discourse is rooted in the renowned narrative “Alice in Wonderland,” which showcases aesthetically impressive graphics and animation while also providing multiple incentives and attributes. The game presents itself as a captivating and enthralling alternative for enthusiasts of Alice in Wonderland or individuals seeking a distinctive experience.

Book of Dead Slot Machine

The Book of Dead slot machine is a popular online casino game that has gained significant attention from gambling enthusiasts. The compelling Egyptian motif and the considerable possibility of achieving substantial awards make the Book of Dead slot machine at Casumo a critical choice for all enthusiasts of casino gaming. Significantly, this game boasts a distinguished standing as one of the most extensively cherished games on the platform. Moreover, aside from its widespread appeal, the game provides prolonged periods of amusement by means of its captivating and impressive display of gameplay mechanics and graphic design. It is recommended that those seeking a potentially lucrative experience consider engaging with the widely popular Book of Dead slot machine offered at Casumo, with the prospect of substantial financial gain.

Rainbow Riches

The online slot game called Rainbow Riches has garnered significant attention and popularity in contemporary times. This gaming experience presents players with an immersive and captivating experience, bolstered by its vivid graphical interface, dynamic gameplay mechanics, and abundant incentives. The aforementioned game possesses numerous attributes, including Wilds, Scatters, and Bonus rounds, which effectively augment its level of playability. Overall, Rainbow Riches represents a laudable demonstration of a thoroughly crafted and gratifying internet-based slot game. This particular slot game is solely accessible at Casumo, and it is based on the charming premise of Irish mythology. The aforementioned statement offers players with an engaging opportunity to attain the distinguished award. The Rainbow Riches gaming platform serves as a dynamic interactive experience, distinguished by its vivid graphical features and engaging gameplay mechanisms, whereby it possesses the capacity to sustain an individual’s interest over a prolonged duration. It is advisable to avail oneself of the opportunity to participate in the game of Rainbow Riches at the Casumo casino, as it presents the prospect of attaining a substantial triumph.

Starburst Online Slot

The online slot game “Starburst” has garnered global acclaim and has become a beloved pastime among players. This game, with a space-themed concept, is renowned for its remarkable graphical representations, interactive game mechanics, and substantial financial gains potential.

In addition to its visually pleasing appearance, the Starburst game is renowned for the substantial jackpot it offers, which has the potential to transform the aspirations of fortunate players into reality. In the event of one’s pursuit for an exhilarating and potentially profitable web-based slot game, it is advisable to examine the Starburst offering on the Casumo platform. Due to its ability to provide a captivating gaming experience coupled with the potential for substantial monetary rewards, it is unsurprising that the online game Starburst has attained significant popularity worldwide.


What types of games does Casumo offer?

Casumo offers a wide variety of games, including slots, live casino, and sports betting.

Are the games at Casumo available on mobile?

Yes, the games at Casumo are available on both their website and mobile app, making it easy to play on the go.

Are there any exclusive games at Casumo?

Yes, Casumo offers exclusive games that can only be found on their platform.

How can I find my favourite games at Casumo?

Casumo has a user-friendly interface with various ways of searching the games. You can browse through the different categories such as slots, live casino, and sports betting, or you can use the search bar to find a specific game.

Are there any progressive jackpots at Casumo?

Yes, there are progressive jackpot games at Casumo which gives players the chance to win huge payouts.

Does Casumo offer any bonuses or promotions for their games?

Yes, Casumo regularly offers bonuses and promotions for their games, such as free spins and deposit bonuses.

What should I do if I have any issues with a game at Casumo?

Casumo has a dedicated support team available 24/7 to assist with any issues or questions you may have about their games. You can contact them through their website or mobile app.

Are the games at Casumo fair and random?

Yes, all the games at Casumo are powered by reputable providers and have been independently audited to ensure fair and random gameplay.

Are there any live dealer games at Casumo?

Yes, Casumo offers a variety of live dealer games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, where players can interact with live dealers in real-time.

Can I play games at Casumo for free?

Yes, most of the games at Casumo can be played in demo mode, allowing you to try them out without risking any real money.

Are there any tournaments or competitions at Casumo?

Yes, Casumo regularly hosts tournaments and competitions where players can compete against each other and win prizes.

Does Casumo offer any loyalty program for their regular players?

Yes, Casumo has a loyalty program called "Casumo Adventure" where players can earn points and progress through different levels, unlocking rewards along the way.

Are there any game restrictions for players from certain countries?

Some games may not be available in certain countries due to legal or regulatory restrictions. It's always recommended to check the terms and conditions before playing.

Summary of Casumo games

Casumo serves as a comprehensive destination for diverse gaming styles, providing an extensive array of games catered to meet varying preferences and demands. Casumo offers a diverse range of entertainment options including slot games, live casinos, and sports betting, catering to a wide range of preferences. A wide range of games are available, ensuring that one is likely to discover a preferred option.

One of the salient features attributable to Casumo is the availability of their games across both their website and mobile application platforms. It is possible to transport and access personal entertainment preferences at any given time, enabling the enjoyment of preferred pastimes. The aforementioned attribute of adaptability renders the integration of games into a tight schedule quite effortless, as one can engage in game-playing while on-the-go, during their commute to work, whilst waiting in queue or merely during a brief respite.

An adroit customer service team is accessible 24/7 to provide assistance regarding any queries or apprehensions. Thus, it can be inferred that the gaming experience can be enjoyed without any apprehensions.

In conclusion, it can be asserted that Casumo exhibits an exceptional gaming platform, featuring a broad range of games, a mobile application, and unfaltering customer service that operates around the clock. It is advisable to visit Casumo today and engage in a comprehensive exploration of the variety of games available. The endeavor may lead to the discovery of a personal favorite game. Enjoyable indulgence in playing is encouraged.